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Products and Services
An article reprint is a high-quality, offset printed reproduction of an article that was written about your company, product or service. RMS provides you with design and layout expertise to create an article reprint that will:
  • visually tell your story and showcase your company, services or products. Seeing is believing.
  • provide credible, believable information that your customers will trust.
  • increase exposure.
  • serve as an effective sales tool for trade shows, mailings, meetings and conventions.
  • be compelling and fun educational material for customers and employees.
So although it is the reuse of an editorial article outside of its original publication, it is much more than a photocopy! View Our Portfolio to see the value we add. For ideas on how to market with reprints, Go To Learn About Reprints.

Reprints can also be produced on plaques. Ask a Reprint Specialist about this format and other special promotional products.

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E-prints or web prints are the electronic reuse of editorial content from a magazine or newspaper. E-prints featuring your product or company can appear on your Internet or intranet site in either HTML or PDF format. Each publisher establishes strict guidelines for usage of its original content. This includes the permitted length of reuse, ranging from 1 month to unlimited duration, and the physical hosting of your e-print. Some publishers will not allow the content to be reused directly on your own web site. We have made special arrangements with publishers to allow you to display the e-print on your web site or intranet by hosting it on RMSNet. RMSNet is a web server that fully accommodates the requirements set by the publisher for redistribution. We can host your e-print via RMSNet for a minimum of 1 month or up to a maximum of 12 months. Typically, customers choose a six-month or full year period of usage.

E-prints are yet another powerful way to enrich your customer's experience of your brand on the web. Build and reinforce their trust in you and your products. All at no risk to you. Focus on your core business and leave the rest to us!

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The reuse of copyrighted material extends well beyond just reprints and e-prints. There are many different formats and usages that may apply to copyrighted material. Though RMS has permission from its contracted publishers to reprint articles, other usages of the copyrighted material — driven by unique customer requirements — may require permission from the publisher, author, photographer or artist. RMS can help.

RMS is well-positioned to serve customers' needs for obtaining copyright permissions. On the customer's behalf, RMS will contact the publisher, author, photographer or artist to get permission for the desired use and negotiate any fees.

Consider these examples where RMS could assist a customer with getting permission to reuse copyrighted material:

  • A corporate trainer wants to use an article as part of a CD-ROM she is creating for an upcoming training course.
  • A product development manager wants to use the "Editor's Choice" artwork in product literature to tout the recognition his company's product received.
  • A marketing director wants to use an excerpt of an article as part of marketing materials promoting the company's product.
  • A director wants to use the cover of a popular magazine as a prop in a commercial she is filming.
  • Whether making photocopies of an article to share with your sales team or distributing copyrighted material electronically via email, you will first want to make sure you have permission to use the material in the intended manner and that you pay any fees associated with the reuse.

RMS can help you clear these hurdles quickly and hassle-free. Call us at 1-866-867-0161 or email a Reprint Specialist to learn more about how we can assist you with obtaining permission clearance.

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