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Publisher Info
Reprint Management Services is the exclusive reprint provider for more than 800 publications. We're the market leader in harnessing the power of reprint sales with over 15 years of proven experience. We're there wherever and whenever the buyer wants to reuse your original content. Our professional services include:

  • Proactive marketing of your original content — whether in print or online — to your reprint buyers. Our database is rich with over 200,000 contacts and 115,000 companies that help us locate the buyers for your content.
  • Top-notch web marketing and selling. Multiple channels to drive up your profits. On the web, on the phone, or through direct mail we're actively seeking out buyers for your content.
  • Customer and marketing intelligence about buyers' favorite publications and uses for reprints. Our experience has taught us much about reprint buyers and their needs.
  • Stewardship of your journalistic and artistic integrity. Rest assured, we will strictly adhere to your requirements for reuse of your original content.
  • Efficient and effective order process handling that delivers the superior service on which we have built our reputation.
  • Financial reporting of profit revenues and account activity. Track your performance to see how we're maximizing profits for you.
  • Creation of custom-tailored programs that work for you.
Reprintbuyer.com provides an opportunity for our publishers with online content to help drive reprint sales. Through an online co-branded page with each of our publisher partners, we can work together to communicate valuable information about reprints to our customers and create new sales. Here's how it works:

1. Our publisher partners will display a link on pages with their online content. The link will take a visitor to a co-branded page where the visitor can view information about reprints — what they are and how they can purchase a reprint for the article they are viewing on the publisher's site. Click here to see a sample of a co-branded page.

2. The co-branded page, created by RMS, will reflect the look-and-feel of the publisher's site by using logos and other graphics provided by the publisher. RMS branding will be limited to providing the visitor with information about RMS and reprints.

3. Visitors who are interested in learning more about reprints, getting a quote or ordering a reprint for your online content may click through to the RMS site to request a quote or ask for more information and will have the easy option of returning to your site at any point.

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