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1  2  4  B  C  E  F  H  M  O  P  R  S  T  

1-Color or (Black & White)
Single-color reprint. Produced using black ink. Also known as 1-Color.

Reprint is produced using black ink and one standard Pantone© (PMS) color. A second color is normally added to a Black & White reprint to highlight a callout or to match a company logo color.

4-Color or (Full Color)
Reprint is produced using standard four-color process inks. These are: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow and Black. If the article was originally printed in color, the reprint will be an exact replication of the original. See also Full-Color.
View a sample from Our Portfolio.

A headline that extends across a portion of the page to call your audience's attention to the most relevant content or information in the article.
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There are several options available for reprints.
See 2-Color, 4-Color, Full-Color, and Black & White.

The legal right granted to an author, a composer, a playwright, a publisher, or a distributor to exclusive publication, production, sale, or distribution of a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work.

A reuse of an editorial article outside its original publication in one of the following electronic formats: HTML (web page) or PDF. This electronic reuse is usually posted on a site other than the original publication.
View a sample from Our Portfolio.

E-Print Time Usage
The length of time you may be granted permission to display an e-print on your web site. Time usage affects the cost of an e-print. The standard time usages offered for purchase of an e-print vary from publication to publication but are typically 6 months, one year or unlimited.

See 4-color. These are synonymous terms.

Highlighting refers to the use of color to spotlight text within an article reprint. Yellow or grey are traditional colors used for this special effect.
View reprint sample with highlighting.

HTML refers to hypertext markup language, which can be used to create web pages or digital content like e-prints that your audience can view using a browser. This is one of the electronic formats you can choose for an e-print that you'd like to display on your web site. See also PDF, or portable document file.

A preliminary layout of an article using cut-and-paste method to provide a representation of how the reprint may look. Some mock-ups may be provided in an electronic format, such as PDF.

Order Status Codes
The following status codes will be displayed for orders which have been placed with RMS:

Processing: In this pre-production stage, RMS is gathering the necessary materials to begin your order, including media from the publisher or a company logo that you supply. During this time, RMS may be in contact with you to discuss additional options regarding your reprint.

Processing — On Hold: Delays in receipt of materials from either the publisher or you may place your order on hold temporarily. Lack of payment or a purchase order may place the order on hold.

Pre-Press: A proof of the reprint is created.

Pre-Press — On Hold: Delays in receipt of materials from either the publisher or you may place your order on hold temporarily. Lack of payment or a purchase order may place the order on hold.

Proofing: You are reviewing the reprint or e-print proof.

Proofing — On Hold: Delay in proofing and approval, may place the order on hold.

Printing: The order is being printed.

Printing — On Hold: No orders will be printed until payment or a purchase order has been received.

Shipped: The order has been shipped. The date of your shipment will be displayed.

RMS shrink-wraps and carton-packs reprints for shipping.

Page Count
The actual number of pages in a reprint after all advertising and reformatting of the article has occurred. This count does not always reflect the actual number of pages in the original published article.

Page Size
Refers to the dimensions of your reprint. The typical reprint size is either 8.5" x 11" or the actual size of the publication after final fold. If the publication is a tabloid format, you typically have the option of printing full size or reducing to 8.5" x 11.

Paper Stock
There are various factors used to rate the quality of paper, including brand, grade, weight, color and finish. For example, 70 lb., 80 lb. or 100 lb. reflects the thickness of the paper stock. RMS reprints are typically printed on an 80 lb. gloss enamel stock.

Payment Methods
RMS offers buyers the following options on the web to pay for reprints, e-prints or permission rights:

Credit Card: We honor VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
Pre-Payment: You may pre-pay with a check.
Purchase Order: If you have approved credit with RMS, you may fax us a copy of a purchase order. Customers may apply for credit with RMS by completing a credit application.
Download the form now!

PDF (Portable Document File)
An electronic file format that captures the desired look and feel of your article. This format contains critical font and presentation parameters that are required to make printing plates for traditional reprints. It is a popular format for providing proofs to buyers and for e-prints. E-print buyers are prohibited from using a PDF to make plates for printing a reprint.

Authorization or copyright clearance provided by a publisher, author or photographer for reuse of any copyrighted material, whether a text article, photograph or illustration etc.

Refers to the production stage before ink is laid on the paper. This includes electronic creation or preparation of film to produce and create the reprint.

A trial sheet of material that you receive and must approve before your reprint order can move into the production phase. The proof is intended to represent the final layout of the article reprint or e-print as well as any other design treatment requested by you.

Blueline Proof: For reprints, we typically provide blueline proofs. A blueline proof is film-based. On it, all colors appear as shades of blue on an ivory or white paper.

Laser Proof: A proof that is generated when electronic media is used to create the reprint or e-print. A laser proof will provide a true representation of 2-color and 4-color reprints. For e-prints, proofs are typically provided in PDF format.

An article reprint is the reuse of an editorial article outside of its original publication. It is typically a high-quality, offset printed reproduction of an article that was written about a company, product and service or employee. See also E-Print.

An RMS web server made available to host your e-print based on requirements set by the publisher. Some publishers restrict the distribution of e-prints and will not allow you to host an e-print on your own web site. A publisher will, however, allow RMS to host the e-print on its own server. We can host your e-print on RMSNet for a minimum of 1 month or up to a maximum of 12 months. Typically, customers choose a six-month or full year period of usage.

Rush Charges
Additional fees charged when an order is expedited at your request. Whatever your delivery requirement, we will do everything we can to meet it. With our standard program, it usually takes 13 to 15 business days from the time your reprint order is placed until it ships. In placing your order, you may request rush processing by indicating the date on which you need to receive your order. The number of rush days for your order is based on the number of business days from date of payment to date needed. We assume that you have made payment at the time of your order. If payment is delayed or not received, your rush charges will be adjusted accordingly. Also any delay in providing customer materials, including logos or other artwork, in a timely manner may impact your rush charges. Rush charges DO NOT include the extra shipping charges for faster delivery.
View Rush Charges Table.

The standard shipping offered by RMS is FedEx Saver. Guaranteed delivery is 3 days from date of shipment. With FedEx Priority, delivery is on the next business day. Shipping rates for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico are not currently available online. If you want to ship to any of these three locations, please contact us directly at 1-866-867-0161 for the applicable shipping charges.

Whatever your delivery requirement, we will do everything we can to meet it. With our standard program, it usually takes 13 to 15 business days from the time your reprint order is placed until it ships. For an e-print, the standard turnaround time is 5 to 10 business days. The standard turnaround time does not take into account any delays related to receipt of customer materials, media from publishers or customer payment.
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