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Learn more about NXTprints and NXTbooks

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I need Reprints!
At yesterday's marketing meeting, Nancy learned that she was assigned to support the product campaign for her company's breakthrough, hand-held Internet appliance tumblr blog social media web profile. The device debuted at the Road Warriors trade show a few weeks ago and, since then has enjoyed great coverage in the press. Her challenge is to find more innovative ways to extend the buzz about the product and make the best use of the campaign's advertising dollars. It's a good thing her mentor Kathy told her about RMS and their reprint and e-print services…
Read on about how Nancy discovers RMS and the power of reprints.

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Not photocopies. Reprints are custom-tailored, high-quality, offset reproductions taken directly from the original publication. Add your logo. Strip away the ads. Showcase your company, product or services from a credible, respected publication source. Learn More...

What are my color options?
Either 2-Color, 4-Color / Full-Color, or Black and White. View Samples...
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